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Love on the Lakeside

Innocent Brandt just has to get through one last summer before heading off to university. Unfortunately, his parents are dragging him and his belligerent older brother on a two week cottage vacation to “re-bond as a family.” Pressured to bring a friend along, Brandt goes out on a limb and asks his soccer teammate Zane to join them.

Things get awkward real fast when Brandt has to share a bedroom with Zane. On top of that, he receives flirtatious attention from the sexy redhead at the beach. Brandt does his best to ignore the bad thoughts and feelings these guys ignite in him. But when that first kiss happens he can’t help chasing the awesome new experiences – and pointedly ignore what they might mean.

Love on the Lakeside is cute coming-of-age m/m romance with a HEA. This long novella contains a lot of blushing, hand-holding, teenage frottage, and sexy firsts.

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